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For a limited time only, I’m giving away Whole Grains – my brand new e-cookbook about whole grains and the Nordic cuisine. Sign up now for my free weekly newsletter with Nordic healthy recipes and claim your free copy of Whole Grains.

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About Whole Grains

Discover the secrets behind the Scandinavian way of cooking with whole grains. For years, Scandinavians have perfected mouth watering and healthy meals that will leave you satisfied and full without making you feel guilty about your choices.

Inside the pages of this Nordic cookbook, the author and 2012 Danish National Home Cooking Champion, Julie Karla shares 25 of her favorite whole grain recipes. Using her expertise and local knowledge, Julie Karla has compiled real world insight into why you should incorporate whole grains into your meal planning and how to do so with ease.

Whole Grains features a wealth of information and previously unreleased recipes from the Nordic Cuisine so that you can discover what many fans of her website Karla’s Nordic Kitchen have already learned. This book is the perfect platform if you want to introduce your family and friends to a healthier Nordic lifestyle.

The beautiful full color illustrations in this cookbook will inspire you. The easy-to-follow recipes will become longtime favorites that your family will enjoy for years to come and your body will thank you for providing ample nourishment that not only looks good, but also tastes good.

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  1. Tina Andersen says

    Hej. Jeg har først opdaget denne anden blog, har ellers fulgt dig på juliekarla i flere år. Desværre kan jeg ikke få maskineriet til at makke ret så jeg kunne være heldig at få din fantastiske free Whole grain, er det kun mig eller er det et problem du er stødt på før? ØV ØV. ;0)

    KH Tina

    • Camilla Trinderup says

      Jeg er i helt samme situation som Tina..
      Jeg synes ikke det er muligt at downloade e-bogen 🙁

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