Norwegian Food

Norway’s traditional food draws heavily on the country’s natural resources. It is all about using local ingredients to create delicious dishes such as the king crab taken from the Barents Sea, tasty fish like the halibut or cod, or the Lofoten lamb. Fish and lamb are in fact Norway’s main specialities and there are a number of regional variations available as well.

Worldwide interest in Scandinavian food and Nordic cooking has gone to a great extent over the past few years showing great appreciation of the cuisine that Norway has to offer. Five restaurants in Norway, all in the capital Oslo, now have six Michelin stars that were awarded to them in the year 2014.

Norwegian food2

Norwegian Homemade Dishes

Popular Norwegian homemade dishes include meatballs that are served with potatoes and brown sauce, fish cakes, soups and stews. Game is another delicious treat for you to enjoy and is served roasted, grilled or cured.

You will see that in all Scandinavian countries and in Scandinavian cooking, open faced sandwiches tend to be a great tradition. Norway is known to have a number of its personal variants. Famous open faced sandwiches in the country are prepared with a buttered slice of toast, usually whole grain rye topped with herring, meatball, liver pate, or fish filets.

Hardangervidda | Nature photography |

Hardangervidda in the summer

Food checklist

Here is my checklist of the things you need to try, when visiting Norway:

  • Game
  • Lamb
  • Trout and Salmon (make sure to choose the wild salmon!)
  • Brown cheese – Myse ost (A caramelised brown cheese made from goat milk)
  • Cloudberries
  • Waffles with sour cream and jam – Vafler med rømme
Norway Narvik| Nature photography |

Norwegian salmon river in the early fall – what a day

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