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Salmon salad with dill mayonaise | www.karlasnordickitchen.com

Salmon salad with dill mayo

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Julie Karla


  • Homemade dill mayonnaise Make your own mayonnaise from scratch or simply just mix a high quality mayonnaise with fresh dill
  • Salmon
  • Sprouts e.g. mung bean sprouts or lucerne sprouts
  • Cucumber
  • Green asparagus


  1. Pour boiling water over the green asparagus and let soak for a few minutes. Drain and cut into suitable pieces.
  2. Scrape out the seeds of the cucumber and cut it into small slices.
  3. Cut salmon into fine pieces.
  4. Serve all the ingredients on a board as a salad.
  5. Garnish with sprouts, dill mayo and with some extra dill, if you desire.