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I love to cook. Cooking is my great passion and for as long as I can remember the kitchen has been my favorite place of all. Besides from cooking in my little kitchen in Copenhagen, I enjoy going out to eat, visiting food markets, developing my own healthy recipes, reading cookbooks, food magazines and food blogs. And last but not least, I got a thing for Nordic food! Being a Dane, I know every inch of the Danish food treasury and having visited the Nordic countries MANY times, I have a great insight into their national cuisines as well.  I want to share this knowledge with you here on Karla’s Nordic Kitchen.

In 2012, I won the Danish National Championship in home cooking and ever since my Danish food blog www.juliekarla.dk has had quite a lot of traffic. Karlas Nordic Kitchen is the international sibling, but with a main focus on the ingredients we use in the Nordic countries.

Julie Karla in sweden

A former full-time model crazy about FOOD

I get a lot of inspiration from traveling. I have traveled for many years as a full-time model and lived in several parts of the world including great food cities such as Paris, Milan, Sydney, Munich and London. During my stay abroad, I have spent most of my free time getting acquainted with the local food culture and cuisines. Therefore, I also make all kinds of food. However, the nordic food has a very special place in my heart.

About me Julie Karla

Karla’s Nordic Kitchen is a food blog with Nordic recipes that uses natural and organic ingredients. Here you won’t find ingredients with additives or E-numbers, but ingredients that will keep you healthy. Also, I try as much as possible to cook with products that are in season, since they are usually the best and the most budget-friendly.

Organic beach rose


DSCN1452I hope that you like my Nordic recipes and hopefully will be just as big a fan of Nordic food, as I am!

All the best,

Julie Karla

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