Baked plums |

The other day when I posted my recipe for organic roast pork, I promised to share with you my recipe for these baked plums with red onion, liquorice, lemon and acacia honey. Because it is simply THE best side dish for roast pork with crackling or just pork in general. If you haven’t tried using… 

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Pearl barley risotto with tomato |

Pearl Barley Risotto with Tomato and Parmesan

I made this pearl barley risotto with tomato and parmesan the other day and it’s definitely a new favorite amongst my whole grain risotto recipes. Maybe you’ve already seen my pumpkin risotto with pearl barley and I’ve also made another version with cauliflower and spelt instead of pearl barley. It’s only in Danish, but I will… 

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More Recent Nordic Recipes

Icelandic smoked salmon with apples |

Icelandic Smoked Salmon with Creamy Feta Spread

This Icelandic smoked salmon together with the creamy feta spread, apples and homegrown sprouts is the perfect appetizer! I have posted some recipes before with the Icelandic smoked salmon for example this salmon salad with dill mayo or the chickpea flatbread with salmon so it might not come to anyone’s surprise that it is truly something I love to eat. Icelandic… 

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Cottage cheese snack |

Cottage Cheese Toppings

I just love cottage cheese and the best snack I can think of is cottage cheese with one of my favorite toppings. I actually eat cottage cheese pretty much everyday and if I were to make a list of my favorite things to eat, cottage cheese would definitely be on that list! I love to eat… 

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